Skills and Training

Skills and Training

  Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC)

The Scottish Building Federation created the Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC) in 1934. SBATC operates an apprenticeship indenture scheme which regulates the working conditions and wages of registered apprentices through collectively bargained terms and conditions of apprenticeship with an employment support service available for both employers and apprentices.  


   Construction Industry Training Board

SBF is the largest CITB consensus federation in Scotland, giving Members the opportunity to influence the direction of the industry’s training board. SBF Members provide over 40% of CITB levy contributions in Scotland and a number of SBF representatives sit on the CITB National Council for Scotland. In addition, SBF regularly meet with senior management throughout CITB in order to advance the needs of SBF Members.   

SBF also supports Members in the submission of applications for training funds to CITB and is regularly successful in helping Members to obtain grant funding. SBF can assist with applications to CITB’s Structured and Flexible funds and can also support SME’s through the process of applying to the Skills and Training Fund at no additional cost.


Training Interventions

The Scottish Building Federation works with CITB and other partners to deliver a range of training initiatives targeted to support our Members. Recent programmes designed and delivered by SBF have focused on environmental strategies, occupational health, human resources and an initiative to deliver the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course to more than 100 college lecturers from across Scotland.

SBF is currently developing a Construction Collaborative Leadership Framework for the benefits of the construction industry which will include a variety of training interventions with all Members encouraged to participate in this exciting programme.   


Breakfast Briefings

SBF regularly delivers short training sessions directly to Members known as 'Breakfast Briefings'. Recent Breakfast Briefings have focused on the disciplinary process, absence management and the CITB Skills and Training Fund and are free to all SBF Members.