On Site

On Site

At the end of each month, the Scottish Building Federation publishes an edition of our monthly email circulation 'On Site' to all Members. On Site makes the most of multimedia platforms and typically contains relevant videos, presentations, audio clips, pictures, applications, website links and other sources of information.   

Every edition of On Site contains a handful of business related articles drafted by SBF on pertinent issues such as health and safety, environmental policy, employment law, skills, training and apprenticeships, planning, tendering, tax, building contracts and political developments.     

Members can also read about matters concerning the federation such as Board developments, charity work, Membership discounts and offers, upcoming conferences and events, SBF media coverage, SBATC updates and SBF Membership announcements in relations to items such as holidays, daywork rates, apprenticeship pay and CIJC Working Rule Agreement promulgations.     

SBF Managing Director, Vaughan Hart, also writes a short column in each edition summarising the work of the federation over the past month in addition to analysing trends and developments within the Scottish construction industry.

All new SBF Members are annoucned in On Site and Members also have the opportunity to contribute articles appertaining to rebrandings, Board changes, restructures, anniversaries, company awards or the completion of major projects or milestones.     

SBF Members can submit articles for inclusion in On Site or request the inclusion of colleagues in the On Site circulation by contacting Rhiannon@scottish-building.co.uk   

Archived editions of On Site are also available for Members to browse in the Members area of the SBF website.