Health and Safety Advice

Safety Advise  

The Scottish Building Federation works in partnership with the Safety Association of Federated Employers (SAFE) to offer free health and safety advice and guidance to all SBF Members.

SAFE provide regular health and safety articles in SBF's monthly publication On Site detailing best practice, updates on legislation, recent prosecutions, reviews of HSE documents and general information based around construction.

SBF Members can also  access information sheets which convey specific information on a choosen safety topic. The information sheets are designed to be displayed in the workplace with a view to communicating important safety messages to employees and visitors.

SAFE also provide SBF Members with a suite of standard forms and blank templates through the Members section of the SBF website. Available documents focus on, for example, site start up, fire, accidents, inspections, permits, MEWP's and assessments. 

A dedicated email and telephone advice line is also provided by SAFE offering assistance in relation to queries on matters such as Asbestos, COSHH, PPE, Occupational Health, HAVS and support with PQQ's/Questionnaires.

SAFE is a not for profit organisation run by its members, for its members, that also offers a range of additional cost effective services including CDM Advisory roles and specialist incident / accident advice and the delivery of a variety of industry recognised health and safety training courses.  


Occupational Health

The Scottish Building Federation is represented at Board level on People's Health opperated by B&CE, a not-for-profit scheme dedicated to improving the standard of occupational health management in the construction industry. People’s Health will provide an online tool to help employers and accredited occupational health service providers manage health-at-work. It will allow workers to manage their own health records, delivering a consistent approach to complying with occupational health duties.

'To unite the UK construction industry behind one occupational health scheme within the next five years. Promoting behavioural and cultural change to ‘treat health like safety’ and help to improve the lives of members. Keeping people healthy and in work for longer'


SBF have conducted research into the health of construction apprentices, hosted a number of occupational health events and conference and continue to champion the health of Scottish construction workers with a variety of external partners.