Construction Collaborative Leadership Framework (CCLF)

The Scottish Building Federation is building the Construction Collaborative Leadership Framework (CCLF) for clients, industry and key stakeholders. The aim of the project is to capture best practice with regards to collaboration within the context of emerging policy for construction procurement in Scotland. This includes;

  • Emerging techniques within the industry such as Building Information Management (BIM) and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).
  • The key recommendations from the Scottish Government Construction Procurement Review which are aligned to collaboration.
  • Best practice in leadership techniques aimed at senior leaders within the industry and across the client base.

The project has been commissioned by CITB and we have just passed the first 6-month phase point of an 18-month programme. At project exit the CCLF Toolkit will be available on an information Portal. We have copied below a graphic showing the overview of the toolkit;


We have attached two development documents which will give you an insight of what we are designing. The first is the High-Level Storyboard for the project. We have also attached the Design Brief 2 which gives the narrative for the project in relation to what has been achieved and what needs to happen next.

CCLF High Level Storyboard

CCLF Design Brief 2

We are now designing the Learning Modules and the Self-Assessment stages of the Toolkit above and we will post this work on the Portal as it develops. We will link self-assessment with recommendations stemming from the Construction Procurement Review.

We are developing a feedback link on the Portal so you can share your ideas with us. Until then if you would like to have more details or want to give feedback then send an email to SBF using the email link below:

We are just 6 months into the 18-month programme. Most of the effort has been in designing the first level prototype of the Toolkit. This allows us now to share this development with the industry and key stakeholders. We would be delighted if you were to give us feedback on where we are now. Any ideas and suggestions will be gladly received.