Welcome to Scottish Building Federation

Developing trust over 100 years

The Scottish Building Federation was established in 1895 working with its members to bring together ideals, collective needs and collaborative business practices. SBF continues to represent the interests and aspirations of its members throughout Scotland. The membership is made up of hundreds of differing types of companies including large, medium-sized and small businesses working within construction and general contracting.

SBF is  made up of 17 Local Associations covering all of Scotland.

As well as providing an extensive range of services for member companies, each Local Association is represented on the main Board of SBF ensuring that both local and national issues are fully reviewed.

These Local Associations are brought together through SBF’s head office in Edinburgh, which coordinates the overall activity of the Federation and provides specialist services for member companies. From the Edinburgh office, SBF engages with Government at all levels to encourage support and recognition for the construction sector and seeks a platform through the media to highlight key industry issues and concerns. 


With a professional approach, excellent service and an efficient team, SBF is ready to assist your construction company on the path to future success.