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We have assembled news stories which are related to the construction and building industry in Scotland.

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14th April 2017

Latest news from the Scottish Building Federation:.

Defects found at 72 more Scottish school buildings

Ian Honeyman from the Scottish Building Federation agreed that there were "big implications" for the building industry - Visit BBC News to read more 

Scottish schools found with significant structural defects

Ian Honeyman of the Scottish Building Federation said: “The fundamental point that has to be addressed is that people have to have confidence in the buildings that are being produced, and also be confident that people are safe when they are living or working in them.” - Visit Public Finance to read more

News SBF President committed to 'fight the corner' for Northern Isles construction

Managing Director of Orkney Builders Stephen Kemp has been elected President of the Scottish Building Federation with a commitment to ‘fight the corner’ on behalf of local construction employers across the Northern Isles.  - Vist the Orcadian to read more







14th April 2017