Scottish Building Federation (SBF) has been an integral leader within the Scottish Construction sector for over 120 years and through our local Association structure are one of the leading sources of knowledge and information about the Sector.  SBF remains an organisation focussed on supporting its members by providing specialist professional support services.

During the past number of years the Federation has given exceptional support and assistance to our members, not only with reactive matters relating to business difficulties, but in ensuring that  members are best placed to sustain their business moving forward through these tough times.

Unlike many other professional service organisations, SBF was set up by, and for the Scottish Construction sector in which it operates. SBF is a not for profit organisation and therefore the membership fees are entirely utilised to support the membership.

By joining SBF you will enjoy specific professional support and guidance similar to that provided by a Business Support Consultancy, Human Resources or Health and Safety provider. For the avoidance of doubt your membership entitles you to this type of support at no added cost to you.

Furthermore, SBF is a true Scottish Trade Federation, focussing on the local and national needs of your business, giving you support and guidance applicable to your business in the area where you work.

In today’s challenging times, you need to stay informed, understand your competition and be able to run your business in the knowledge that you can draw on support from a specialist in your sector if necessary. SBF can provide you with relevant information and connect you with the people and organisations that will help you achieve your business goals.